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Best Treks in the Himachal Pradesh Between April to October

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Choose your next life changing Adventure with our popular Categories. We Organise Trekking, Cycling and Mountaineering Expeditions in Pan India and abroad like Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Kashmir, Ladakh, South India, Nepal, Tanzania and Peru also.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

A1: There are 500+ treks in India and numbers are growing.

A2: As you know Trekking is an adventure sport and now in India, it has become a renowned sport too. With Mount Heavens, you are going to enjoy well-equipped and the safest hikes in the presence of well-trained local guides.

A3: The cost of the treks varied according to the regions, the level of the trek, and the days it requires.

A4: Chadar trek; its chilled, frosty, and numbing harsh climatic condition makes it tough although its scenic beauty is enigmatic. But with Mount Heavens, treks are never tough; there are tough people who make tough decisions to walk on these mesmerizing, life-changing paths.

A5: Reliability is the foundation of our relationship and you are family. Your safety is our priority. The answer is yes, Mount Heavens provides you well equipped safe treks with trained local guides and at the best cost price. So, you can totally rely on us as a family.

A6: You can contact us through e-mail or on mentioned contact number.

A7: Trekking gears are very expensive now a day and if you are a first-time trekker this will bother you much so we came with a different plan to provide some basic trekking gears for free that you can use on the trek and submit back.

A8: If you are confused about the next trek call our Adventure Expert they will help you to choose you right trek.

A9: once a family always a family. If you choose Mount heavens for your next hike you will get 10% discount on your second booking with the same ID (that has been used for the first trek with mount heavens).

A10: Mount the heavens with a healthy body and active mind. Mount heavens cater you with certified nutrition experts that will provide you Balanced Nutrition plan that helps you to have a well-nourished and active lifestyle. The more you mount with us the more magic you will discover.

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What People Says About Mount Heavens

I am a first time trekker, I choose Mount Heavens for my adventure trip. It was a wonderful experience due to the company. As I was not aware of the things we should take care while trekking, Company provide me the stuff without any hassle.


Mount Heavens as a trekking company doing a great work. Camping was good and food also. They have good staff too. I enjoy the trek. Keep up the Good work Mount Heavens…


Hygienic and well managed trek, guides were taking care of everyone. As company they make sure that everyone should follow the rules.


Why Choose Mount Heavens

Commitment to Safety

With the stringent to safety, our first priority is Safety of our trekkers, which we insure with commitment. We guide our trekkers with the rewarding adventure of their life. We provide Treks and Adventure activities all over the world and insure safety of our travellers. Our adventures are led by Professionals. Medically certified Guide and Local guide certified by mountaineering institutes.

Small Batch Size

Our maximum batch size is 15 people, we follow 4:1 ratio, and every 4 trekker has 1 guide. This insures the personal touch to our trekkers.

Commitment to Giving Back to Society

Our company’s motto is to help locals like Guides, Porters and villagers. We give them best price of their work so they can grow. We are aim to give back to the nature also, we guide our treks with the zero waist procedure where we don’t leave anything, which can harm nature.

Commitment to Luxury

At Mount Heavens, luxury means all types of aspects like accommodations, the food you eat on Treks and Vehicles you use, everything. Our Level of service and attention makes us one of a kind. We are committed to providing truly remarkable trekking and travelling experience to our clients which are rarely found elsewhere. We focus on all the tiny details- because it matters the most.

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Story of Mount Heavens

Story….is a story for everyone around those who are reading or listening but the person who lived that story. For that person, it’s a treasure of memories.We are sharing our treasure with you.

It was the month of December; we get up early morning and started getting ready for the day. After doing all the necessary stuff, we walked down the stairs planning about a car trip and approaching the car that we parked daily on the roadside near our house.