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A Day Hike to Jogini Waterfall Trek in Manali-2022

If you are looking for a one-day hike in Manali, the Jogini waterfall trek is the best option for you.

Jogini waterfall is situated in Manali; this trek starts from the famous Vashisth Temple which is 3km away from Manali mall road. Jogini Waterfall is situated in Manali and it is 3km from Vashisth temple. This trek is the best day hike in Manali, which you can cover between 1 to 2 hours approx.

The day hike in Manali name Jogini waterfall is an easy yet beautiful hike near Manali. This hike is very beautiful and the trail from Vashisth to Jogini waterfall passes through small villages and the forest. The trail is not so tough yet it has the best views of Old Manali and the Beas River.

As you all know, Manali is famous for adventure activities like Paragliding, Trekking, and River rafting. It has everything to offer for an adventure enthusiast like Famous Beas River rafting, Trekking trails like Hampta Pass or Bhrigu Lake, etc. This is the main reason, which attracts the adventure lovers.

Manali has many treks around like Hampta Pass, Deo Tibba Basecamp, Bhrigu Lake Trek, etc. but it also has many Day hikes like Jogini Waterfall, Lamadugh Water, and Barout Waterfall, etc.

Today we will explain the Jogini Waterfall trek details which are the day hike in Manali.

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Jogini Waterfall Trek at a Glance:

  • Trek Level: Easy, Beginner
  • Jogini Waterfall Height: 7890ft
  • Trek Distance: 6km
  • Time duration: 2 hours from Bhang and 4 hours from Vashisth
  • Starting Point: Bhang and Vashisth
  • Trek Route: Manali-Vashisth-Jogini Temple-Jogini waterfall- Temple- Vashisth – Manali
  • Nearest Airport: Bunter Airport (Kullu)
  • Best Time: Summer and Autumn

Jogini Waterfall:

Jogini Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall which is situated in Manali; this waterfall is 3km far from Vashisth Temple. This is famous for its hot baths. A stream jumps off from a cliff and forms a magnificent Waterfall name, Jogini Waterfall. This waterfall flows down to the Beas River and the height of the Jogini Waterfall from sea level is 150ft. This waterfall has two spots to cover, the first from Jogini Temple and the second one is the Jogini waterfall.

Jogini Waterfall itself is a mesmerizing experience, you can take a dip into the water. When you are near the waterfall you will feel the real thrill. The water is cold and the breezes of water will freshen your mind. The surrounding themselves feels like it is heaven.

Mythological Background of Jogini Waterfall:

Besides the beauty of the Jogini Waterfall, It also has the mythological values to Locals. On the trail, you will see Jogini Mata Temple where locals come to worship Mata Jogini. They used to come with their children for Mundan.

As per the locals, no one should go up to the Jogini Waterfall after 6:00 pm.

The Waterfall is believed to be the place where ‘Joginis’ daughters of Lord Indra take bath. Due to this belief, the Jogini Mata Temple on the way to Waterfall is revered as Shakti Peeth.

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Vashisth Temple:

Vashisth Temple is situated in Manali, Himachal Pradesh. This temple is 6km away from Mall Road. Temple is famous for its hot baths. As per the locals, Rishi Vashisth meditates here, that is why this temple is called Vashisth Temple.

The Vashisth Temple has a wooden architecture that will blow your mind. Every little design and cutting will feel you the real Himachali architecture. The temple is made of wood.

As we already told you that this temple is famous for its hot water bath. As per the belief, the hot water springs have miraculous healing powers, which can cure skin problems. Both men and women can bathe separately they have separate areas for bathing.

Mythological Background of Vashisth Temple:

Vashisth Temple is 400 years old, it is said that the Rishi Vashisth used to meditate here. He is one of the Seven Sages and the Kulguru of Lord Rama. As per the Vedas Rishi Vashisth, children were killed by the Rishi Vishwamitra. In a time of deep sorrow, he came here to drown himself in the Beas River. But due to his yogi powers, Beas River was not able to drown him.

So the Rishi Vashisth used to meditate here. The river name ‘Bipasha’ means ‘free oneself from bondage’. After some time the name changed to ‘Beas River.

The temple has two hot bath springs, the locals believe that the hot bath was made by Lord Rama’s brother Lakshman.

Best Time to Visit Jogini Waterfall:

The Best Time to Visit the Jogini waterfall is in the month of summer between March to June. If you like to see snow then you can do this trek in the months of Jan and Feb also.

The trek is open all around the year, but the trail is pretty slippery in the months of Monsoon. The flow of the Jogini Waterfall is very high.

Manali itself has the tourist season between May to July, many tourists came here to see the beautiful waterfall. Due to its Easy trek and the trailing beauty this trek can be done by the families also.

In the summertime the temperature ranges between 15 to 20 degrees and in the wintertime it’s between 1 to 5 degrees. You will find snow if you are coming in the months of Jan or Feb.

It is not advisable to come here during the monsoon season because of the rain the trail is slippery and it has a high chance of landslide also.

How to Reach Jogini Waterfall:

1. Major Cities to Manali:

Manali is well connected with the major cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, etc through Road or Air transport. The nearest airport to Manali is Bhuntar Airport.

Jogini Waterfall is 6km away from Manali; you can hire a taxi or auto to Vashisth temple then start your trek to Jogini Waterfall.

The nearest Railway station is Chandigarh; from there you can come by Taxi or Volvo Bus.

2. Manali to Vashisth Temple:

You can hire a cab or Auto to Vashisth Temple; it will take 30 mins to reach there. The fair of the auto will be between Rs. 250 to 350.

You can also go there on foot; it will take 45 mins to reach Vashisth Temple.

3. Vashisth Temple to Jogini Waterfall:

The only way to reach Jogini Waterfall from Vashisth Temple is through trekking. It will take 2 to 4 hours to reach Jogini Waterfall by trekking.

Jogini Waterfall Weather and Temperature:

Jogini waterfall weather is pleasant all the year of time except in winters. You can trek to Jogini waterfall from March to Oct, in the time of these months the weather and temperature are normal. The temperature range from around 10 to 15 degrees between summers.

If you are trekking in the winter months, the temperature ranges between 0 to 5 degrees.

Day Hike near Manali: Jogini Waterfall Trek Itinerary

  • Reach Manali, take a taxi or auto till Vashisth Temple.
  • Manali to Vashisth Temple auto or taxi would take 30 mins to reach Vashisth Temple.
  • Trekking starts from Vashisth temple to Mata Jogini Temple, it will take 30 mins to reach there.
  • From Jogini Mata Temple to Jogini Waterfall trekking, it will take 1 to 1.5 hours depending upon your fitness.
  • Waterfall to Down Bhang it will take 1 hour to come back.
  • The total distance covered is approx 5km.


Jogini Waterfall trek is the best one-day hike in Manali. It is the best trek for beginners in Manali. If you are looking for a day trek that can be done with family, the best option to choose is the Jogini Waterfall trek.

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