Our Story:-

Story….is a story for everyone around those who are reading or listening but the person who lived that story. For that person, it’s a treasure of memories.

We are sharing our treasure with you.

It was the month of December; we get up early morning and started getting ready for the day. After doing all the necessary stuff, we walked down the stairs planning about a car trip and approaching the car that we parked daily on the roadside near our house.

It comes as a shock…….the big space that our car keeps occupied…..was all empty. In simple clear words, it was stolen. And the agony begins……the search, police report, etc. All in our shocked brain….what the hell has happened.

We plan a lot of things but life introduced you to the actual you and your right plans. 

After a month, this how we planned our first adventure trip in the month of January that is Kedarkantha, it was chilled winters with backpacks, trekking shoes on, and walking on a snow-clad path sharing a lovely time with unknown people. After an hour those unknown smiling faces, are like a family. We shared, we laughed, and we lived that mesmerizing nature together. Not to miss, scrumptious food, bonfire, clear sky with bright moonlight, and sleeping in a tent.  What a wonderful experience. That moment I felt it is not just a trek…..it is the life we were missing in the cities. 

That’s what attracts us and that leads to the chadar trek and many more.

We have a lot to share with you, but before that we want you to explore the experience and live your treasure story with Mount Heavens.

Let me introduced you to Mount Heavens!

With the aim of Exploration and betterment of the trekking industry, love for nature, we dreamt of a trekking company that makes Treks a life-changing experience, that’s how Mount Heavens came to life.

As we all know every industry has some pros and cons, this industry also has some cons which have to be resolved, with the aim of this……. Mount Heavens promise you safe and well-equipped treks ahead.

When the spirits are looking for something sparkling, when hopes are high, when you are willing to live your dream days, if you believe in magical nature, just mount the heavens with “Mount Heavens”

Mount Heaven’s motto is to build a family rapport with locals, harness nature, and facilitate trekkers to have a life-changing experience with the help of local guides!