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 Beas Kund Trek Best Time to Visit

Manali’s Beas Kund trek has long been a popular one. It brings you directly to the river’s source that runs through town. However, the scenery is a big part of why hikers like this walk so much. Think about this: Near Manali, three of India’s tallest mountains are surrounded by lush green meadows. The emerald lake from which the Beas River flows is also tucked away amid these meadows.

Adding to its charm is the striking contrast of this peaceful lake tucked between the craggy peaks of the Pir Panjal mountain range.

From where you’re standing, you get the distinct impression that you’re very close to the source of the thundering river that runs through the valley below. Several streams and waterfalls flow from this green kund into the boiling Beas river.

Like every river that provides water to civilization or community, the Beas Kund has mythology attached to it.

Rishi Vyas, the Mahabharata’s penman, has bathed here regularly. In certain cases, the name Beas Kund probably comes from Vyas, the sage and Kund, a lake, respectively.

This trek’s mix of snowy mountains, meadows and a lake attracts many people to visit beas kund trek.

Even though novices may complete this walk, we strongly recommend pre-trip planning. The ascent from the trail’s initial elevation of roughly 8000 feet to its summit of more than 12,000 feet is no small accomplishment.

A Mountain Amphitheatre

It is possible to see the great mountains of Manali from the base to the peak of the Beas Kund trek, including Friendship Peak, Shitidhar, Laadakhi, and Hanuman Tibba. This is just four days into our adventure! It’s not uncommon for mountaineers and extreme hikers to get these kinds of mountain vistas as a reward for their exhausting efforts.

Quick Itinerary

Day 1: From Manali, drive to Dhundi

At 10:00 a.m., depart from Rambaugh Circle in Manali. (The most direct route to Manali is through Chandigarh. Take a bus from Chandigarh to Manali. Drop your cloakroom luggage and pick your rentals en way. By 2.30 p.m., you arrive at your first campground and enjoy lunch there.

  • 14-kilometre drive | 1.5-hour duration | Rs 2,800 per car split by hikers
  • 1.5-kilometre trek | 1.5-hour duration
  • Gain in elevation: 6,725 feet to 8,156 ft
  • Trekking difficulty: Moderate climb. The road is well-marked and is followed by wooded paths.

Day 2: Palchhani Thatch to Lohali

  • Distance covered: 4 km; time required: 4-5 hours
  • 8156 feet to 9,465 ft of elevation increase
  • Trekking difficulty: This is a moderate to strenuous hike.

Day 3: Lohali to Beas Kund and Lady Leg

  • 5 kilometres in length; 7-8 hours of hiking time
  • 9,465 ft to 12,772 ft elevation gain and return
  • The sort of trek: a long, steep hike to the top.

Day 4: Bakarthatch/Lohali to Dhundi

  • It takes 5-6 hours to complete a trek of 4 kilometres in length.
  • There was a significant drop in elevation: 9,465 feet to 8,156 feet
  • Descending is a simple and comfortable trek.
  • Drive-back, The cost per car, is Rs 2,800, which hikers may split.
Beas Kund Trek best time to visit

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