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Beas Kund Trek

Beas Kund Trek

Touring the new orange to the world is gaining vogue all over. Mountain or the beaches with Beas Kund Trek? are the only emotion that comes instantly after heeding to the term travel.

Like the waters, mountains are also a crucial audience captivating destinations for young folk nowadays. To gratify the meaning of mountains here is one of the prettiest mountain Trek The BEAS KUND TREK.

The BEAS KUND TREK is one of the loveliest short-duration treks that fall under Himachal Pradesh. It is tracked down inside the KULLU valley and is said to be a sacred place. It is positioned at a High altitude with a height of 3893 m. With lush green trees and scenery mountains, it is a place that nourishes you with mental relaxation and calmness away from the city discomfort. BEAS KUND commences from the SOLANG NALLAH with an  altitude of 8,400 ft is the dome of KULLU valley. It is also honored to be a famous place for skiing and paragliding.


During your BEAS KUND TREK, you will be escorted by famous peaks like the FRIENDSHIP Peak, HANUMAN TIBBA, SHITIDHAR PEAK, and the Holy Seven Sisters. APRIL- MAY is said to be the best month with reasonable weather to aviate the trek. During this month there’s an increased source of sunshine that melts the ice and frees the hallway for the trek to take place. The BEAS KUND TREK also furnish the trackers with lush green forest with the availability of oak and pine tree and water source like the Bhagirathi River. The BEAS KUND TREK is claimed to be the least difficult trek in the Himalayas. It is best to trek for amateurs because of its short distance with easy hiking.

You will get a glimpse of the big grasslands of BAKARTHACH and DHUNDHI. The BAKARHACH is largely a pasture land used for grazing sheep and cows wherein DHUNDHI is treated as an area to live in that is the base camp. The sensation of streaming water with a fresh odor and blooming flowers are fuel to the views.

The prestige of the BEAS KUND IS that it is said to be the bathing KUND/ area for the famous Rishi ( Rishi Vyas). He used to do his daily meditation on the seaside’s of the BEAS river.

Insights of the BEAS KUND TREK

  • Location – Himachal Pradesh
  • Season – April- June, September- October
  • Days – 3-4 day
  • Difficult – easy to moderate
  • Height/ Altitude – 1400 ft


What things to keep along with the trekking journey.

Dependingontheweatherconditions warm clothes, good quality shoes, sunglasses, medicine if required, a water bottle, and most importantly compass, and pain relief spray.

What networks do we get in Beas Kund Trek?

Vodafone and BSNL are the only network that works in some area during the TREK.

Which is the best month to visit the Beas Kund?

April- may and September- October is considered to be the best month to visit the BEAS KUND due to moderate

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