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Trekking Trip in India

Best Trekking Trip in India

The world has always been fascinated by the wonders of its nature. Trekking is one such activity that helps you discover the world. From traversing on a sandy beach to being lost in the snowy peaks, trekking has it all to offer.

If you are looking to take a break from the chaos of the world, trekking is the best way to do so. Trekking has gained a lot of popularity as a choice of activity for people who want to take a break from the chaos of the world.

Trekking has always been a popular outdoor activity. From the sandy beaches of Rajasthan to the snowy peaks of the Himalayas, there are many places to trek. If you are looking to take a break from the chaos of your daily life, here are reasons and treks you should experience once in your life our trekking trip in India

Why you should go on a Trekking Trip in India.


The BURAN GHATI PASS TERK is a 5-day trek with a length of 37 km in the greater Himalayas with a size of 15,000 with moderate difficulty. The BURAN GHATI sleep in the lap of HIMACHAL PRADESH and the trek commences from JANGLIK and ends at Barua.

The BURAN GHATI PASS TREK is a remarkable goal for its trekkers. It is the Best Trek in Shimla. The trek delivers its newcomers a lifetime of extraordinary panorama peaks and feelings. The pure environment makes it a very rewarding occurrence. The Buran Ghati pass trek starts from Shimla with an altitude of 9,200 ft. and travels through JANGLIK, DAYARA, LYTHAM, DUNDA, MUNIRANG, AND VICE VERSA.


The PIN BHABA PASS TREK is located in the Kinnaur province of Himachal Pradesh. It is barely any trek positioned at such an enormous altitude. It is set up at a length of 5,300 M which is (17, 388 ft.) above sea level. The trek commences from the kanfu (2,400M) in Kinnaur climbed up to 4,915 M and swooped to a small town located at Spiti Mudh (3,810M).

The PIN BHABA pass trek plunges under, the middle to a difficult level. It is the pinnacle of the destination that makes little risky for the trekkers to carry out the hiking journey. May to September is deemed to be the best month to appreciate the trek and is also suggested to have preliminary trekking knowledge as the trek welcomes its guests with little climbing to and for.

The trek is traveled into pieces that are it starts from SHIMLA to KAFNU, KAFNU- MULLING, MULLING to KARAH, KARAH to PHUTSIRANG, PHUTSIRANG to MANGRUNGSE via pin BHABA PASS TREK, MANGRUNGSE to MUDH, drive to KAZA, KAZA to MANALI.


The BEAS KUND TREK is one of the most gorgeous short-duration treks in Himachal Pradesh. It is chased inside the KULLU valley and is said to be a sacred place. It is set at a High stature with a length of 3893 m. With leafy green trees and vista mountains, it is a spot that nurtures you with mind relief and calmness away from the city’s discomfort.

BEAS KUND TREK best trekking trip in India begins from the SOLANG NALLAH with a height of 8,400 ft. is the done of KULLU valley. It is also blessed to be a famous place for skiing and paragliding. During your journey, you will be escorted by famous peaks like the FRIENDSHIP POK, HANUMAN TIBBA, SHITIDHAR PEAK, and the Holy Seven Sisters.

APRIL- MAY is declared to be the best month with reasonable weather to date the trek. During this month there’s a high source of light that dissolves the ice and exempts the hallway for the trek to take place. The BEAS KUND TREK also provides the trackers with lush green trees with the availability of oak and pine trees and water sources like the Bhagirathi River.

The BEAS KUND TREK is contended to be the slightest difficult tour in the Himalayas. It is reasonable to trek for learners because of its short distance with easy hiking.


The CHANDRNAHAN LAKE is the lake of determination, and meditation, and is comprehended for its ancient, folklore, and geographical prestige to hike and examine the mountains then the Himalayas happens to be one of the good choices to go with.

The CHANDRNAHAN LAKE is situated near Shimla in the goddess city of Himachal Pradesh. It stands outstanding at an altitude of 13,900 ft. with a drizzle garland along with extraordinary elegance with the sentiment. The CHANDRNAHAN lake is considered to comprise 7 glacial blues, which is also the beginning of The PABBAR RIVER.  The PABBAR RIVER continues to be the steady mate throughout the trek.

According to the belief of people, CHANDRANAGAN Lake is the exact lake where Goddess KALI used to live. It is also aid to be THE BIRTHPLACE of DEVTA SHIKRU MAHARAJ. Residents believe that Chandra devata visits the CHANDRNAHAN LAKE once every 10 years for a special ritual bath which is also the reason behind the name of the lake that is CHANDRA-NAHAN.


If you are in search of an adventurous holiday and want to explore the Himalayas to the fullest away from the hustle and bustle of city life, then BHRIGU LAKE TREK in Manali is the best choice for the same which is located in the KULLU valley of HIMACHAL PRADESH. This trek is one of its kind and lets you enjoy the beauty of nature in all its glory.

The BHRIGU LAKE is located at a height of 14,100 ft. in a beautiful scenic backdrop in the HIMALAYAS. The lake is nestled between the DEO TIBBA Peak, The NAR & NARANG glaciers which makes the lake a feature of excellent natural beauty. The lake is flanked by the snow-clad peaks that make the lake a backdrop of supreme grandeur. The visit to BHRIGU LAKE is a lifetime experience. Trekking to BHRIGU LAKE is considered one of the most exciting and challenging treks in the Himalayas. bhrigu Lake is the place for ADVENTURE LOVERS and for those who do not find it easy to resist the attraction of glaciers, mountains, and peaks. BHRIGU Lake lies in the BHRIGU valley of the PIR PANJAL range of the Himalayas.  It is located in the Udaipur region of Himachal Pradesh. For undertaking, this trek one has to arrive in MANALI and then the journey begins from there itself. MANALI to GULABA, trek to ROLA-KHOLI, ROLA-KHOLI to BHRIGU LAKE, and visa versa.


DEO TIBBA base camp trek is an elegant trek in the Manali territory. Every trekker has their own unique experience on the DEO TIBBA base camp trek. The trek was officially opened in 1960 by J.A.DURGA Prasad, the then Governor of Punjab. This trek is also called “The Gateway to Lahaul SPITI”. Trek starts from CHANDERKHANI village and ends at CHANDERKHANI Pass (4850m), it then descends to the valley floor and reaches CHANDRATAAL lake. This trek is considered to be one of the most adventurous treks in the world. Trekking the DEO TIBBA base. The basics trek is a great opportunity to visit the alpine pastures and the high-altitude lakes of the ROHTANG PASS. Trekkers can enjoy superb views of the snow-clad peaks of DEO TIBBA (6001m), NORBU PEAK (5226m) & JAGATSUKH PEAK (5050m), and glimpse the mighty SNOW-CAPPED HIMALAYAS from the base camp.

You go through dense green woodlands of pine, spruce, fir, oak & silver birches set against a colorful landscape. The emerald gloomy mists of CHOTTA CHANDRATAAL lake at the hoof of DEO TIBBA Peak is the largest zenith of a trek.

The trek is an intermediate-level trek with a moderate difficulty level. The trail requires a good level of fitness and prior trekking experience. The duration of the trek is 10 days. The journey to DEO TIBBA Base Camp begins with a drive to the quaint village of VASHISHT and then a gradual trek up to the Base Camp. The hard climb up to the Base Camp is rewarded with many scenic vistas.


The HAMPTA PASS with Best Trekking Trip in India also called KHUNDRU-KHUNDRU-LA PASS, is an important pass on the MANALI-LEH Highway and lies between the MANALI and ROHTANG PASSES. The journey towards HAMPTA PASS begins in Manali – the queen of hill stations, perched atop a mountain. It’s a long, beautiful drive through valleys and mountains.

It mainly attracts trekkers who want to do the HAMPTA Pass trek and valley make flowers trek (which involves spending a night at the pass). After spending a beautiful day at Valley of Flowers, trekkers head to HAMPTA Pass in the morning, spend a few hours exploring the area, take some pictures and head back to Manali.

Heading out of Manali, the road passes through the KULLU Valley and up the side of the mountains. If you’re willing to make the drive, you’ll find yourself in CHATRU, a small village in the LAHAUL Valley. The village is tucked deep in an easy trek and doesn’t require much time to pass that people love visiting.

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