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Looking for a chilled breeze and a calm climate than the most beautiful and satisfying Trek is the Chandranahan Lake Trek.

The Chandranahan Lake is the lake of devotion, rumination, and is recognized for its historical, mythology, and geographical prestige among the local population. Being able to trek and explore the mountains then the Himalayas occurs to be one of the decent options to go with. The Chandranahan Lake Trek is positioned near Shimla in the queen metropolis of Himachal Pradesh. It stand outstanding at an altitude of 13,900 ft with a snow crown along with astonishing charm with the sentiment.

The CHANDRNAHAN lake is considered to comprise of 7 glacial blues, which is also the beginning of The PABBAR RIVER.  The PABBAR RIVER continues to be the steady mate throughout the trek.

Historical Significance of the Chandranahan Lake Trek.

According to the belief of people, CHANDRNAGAN Lake is the exact lake where Goddess KALI used to live. It is also said to be THE BIRTHPLACE of DEVTA SHIKRU MAHARAJ. Residents believe that Chandra devata visits the CHANDRNAHAN LAKE once every 10 years for a special ritual bath which is also the reason behind the name of the lake that is CHANDRANAHAN.

Chandranahan Lake Trek Route Description :


The CHANDRNAHAN LAKE TREK is a 6-day trek with a moderate difficulty level.

Day’s via trek description:


Time duration – 9-10 hours

Height– 9,200 ft

The journey for the CHANDRANAHAN lake begins from Shimla where you can either opt for local buses. The journey from Shimla takes you past ROHRU which is followed by the PABBAR RIVER. During your road journey, you get to witness pine forests, beautiful mountains, flowing water. You reach a destination called DIUDE from the direct route. From DIUDE you have to take a walk of few distances to reach JANGLIK


        TIME DURATION – 6 hours

        HEIGHT -11,075 ft

  The beginning of the tour to the CHANDRANAHAN trek begins from this point. WELCOMED by wooden huts and house enlightens your excitement. The rest under the pine tree is the view for life. You now are commenced forward with a thick forest with tall trees, green grasses, and meadows with the cold breeze along with water flowing with you. The thick and dense Oak and the pine forest add hunger to your meal that is the CHANDRNAHAN LAKE.

    Day 3 – DAYARA-Latham

    Time duration – 3-4 hour’s

    Height – 11,737 ft

On day 3 you find yourself surrounded by oak and pine tree forest accompanied by the DAYARA meadows. The traveler crosses the GUNAS PASS. This commences your journey to slopes and Rocky way up to the snowy peak of the DHAULADHAR range. At this point, you get your first view of Latham with beautiful views.


   Time duration-  5hours

   Height –  13,900 ft

The wait to one of the most beautiful and satisfying views is over once you start your journey from Latham to CHANDRNAHAN lake. During your trek from Latham to CHANDRANAHAN, you will come across waterfalls, and ahead is the golden lake the CHANDRANAHAN LAKE. Finally, you reach your final destination and witness the beautiful breathing glacial lake. The snow and the cold breeze with the scenery mountains are the views for life. Capture all the peace and the calmness, the presence of pure love of nature in your eyesight.

The way back to Shimla is the same as the way from Shimla to CHANDRANAHAN lake that is CHANDRANAHAN LAKE – LATHAM DAYARA- JANGLIK- SHIMLA.

Frequently asked questions:-

 What is the difficulty level of the Chandranahan Lake Trek?

The CHANDRANAHAN LAKE TREK falls under moderate difficulty level trek.

Is an accommodation facility available anyplace between Shimla to CHANDRNAHAN lake?

The accommodation facilities are only available till Shimla right from your commencement to the trek you stay up in a camp in your tents.

What is the best season to explore the CHANDRANAHAN LAKE?

The month of May, June, September, and October is considered best to explore the lake.

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