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Hampta Circle Trek: Easy trek near Manali

A Lot of us know Hampta Pass Trek, which is the famous trek in Manali. That has everything to offer you which we share with you somewhere else.

Today we will tell you a trek that is short yet beautiful like Hampta Pass Trek. This is also situated in Manali, Himachal Pradesh.


Let’s know about this Easy trek in Manali.

Hampta Circle Trek:

Hampta Circle Trek is situated in Manali, which is the famous hill destination of India. This trek starts from Jagatsukh which is the village near Manali.

Hampta circle trek is a relatively easy yet beautiful trek. It can be done by beginner or experienced trek as well. This trek ideal time is 4 days where trekkers pass through forest and grasslands; the total distance covered by trekkers is 14km. Maximum altitude gain in the Hampta Circle trek is 3380m.

When you are doing this trek, you will mesmerize by the beauty of the trail and the sudden change of scenery.

If you are looking for a Short trek near Manali then choose Hampta Circle Trek. Which is near Manali and not so hard like other treks from Manali.

The starting of the trek is pretty due to its ample beauty around apple orchids, big trees, etc. Village Jagat Sukh is also the main attraction of the trek, due to its scenery and aura.

This trek can be done in May or June, at this time you will encounter snow on the trail. It makes this trek Snow Best treks in India, when you are on the trail you will feel like you are on a winter trek.

We will tell you the reason to choose Hampta Circle Trek:

  1. Basecamp of the trek: Village Jagatsukh

Village Jagat Sukh is a small village of Himachal Pradesh which is situated near Manali, Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. If you want to feel the real village life of Himachali, then it’s the best place to be there.

The village is like very ancient, old houses and the apple orchids are all around which makes this village very beautiful.

  • Temple Visit on the trail

When you start the trek on day 1, you will witness an ancient Temple name – Takshak Nag Temple. Which is the ancient temple situated in Jagatsukh.

This temple has mythological beliefs in local peoples; they worship here and called its deviyh.

After trekking for an hour and crossing beyond Banara village you will break here at Takshak Nag Temple.

  • Campsite of Hampta Circle Trek

Hampta Circle starts from Jagatsukh and ends Jobra (the starting point of the famous Hampta pass trek). When you are on the trek every day the scenery is different. The campsite on the trek is very beautiful.

The first campsite of Hampta circle trek is Baggi, which is near the forest area and the view from there is awesome as you will see Manali from there.

The second campsite of Hampta circle trek is Sarah Baggi. This campsite is at 10000ft, to reach the campsite you have to trek on the boulder line. The campsite has the grand view of Mt. Hanuman Tibba which is in the background all the time.

The final campsite of the Hampta circle trek is Sarotu. The trail till Sarotu is mesmerizing and the adventures are as well. To reach this campsite you will cross water streams and the stone patches also.

Waterfall on the trail is yet a prize to you, but the trail is challenging and muddy. You have to pass there with caution.

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Short Itinerary of Hampta Circle Trek:

We will tell you the best itinerary for Hampta Circle Trek in May and June. This itinerary is for 4 days, where you have ample time to trek and rejuvenate yourself at the campsite.

As we already told you, this trek starts from Jagatsukh and ends at Jobra. According to the trial time taken best itinerary for the Hampta circle trek is as mentioned:

Day 1: Drive from Manali to Village Banara via Jagatsukh and trek to Baggi

Day 2: Trek from Baggi to Sarah Baggi

Day 3: Trek from Sarah Baggi to Sarotu

Day 4: Trek from Sarotu to Jobra and drive back to Manali

As mentioned above this is a suitable itinerary for a beginner, where you can cover an equal distance.

If you have a question about the Best time to do Hampta Circle, we will tell you there.

Hampta Circle Trek Best Time to do:

If we are talking about the Best time to do Hampta Circle Trek then the answer is May and June. We have many reasons to support this thought.

The first and the main reason to do Hampta circle in the month of May is the snow. When you are doing this trek in May, you will see snow all around as you know this is due to the high altitude of Manali.

The second reason to do this trek in the months of May and June is the temperature, at this time the temperature is normal, and the weather is clear.

No long grass on the way, when you are on the trail, So you find it easy to trek.

Some Points to remember when doing Hampta Circle Trek:

  • Do not choose this trek in the months of Monsoon or in Sep and October.
  • If you are doing this trek in the month of May, you have to trek upon snow, so prepared and pack accordingly.
  • Best itinerary for Hampta Circle is 4 days; do not attempt this trek in 3 days, as you feel very hard to cover the distance.
  • Be in your fittest form, as you are doing a trek, which is easy but not like walking on the garden.
  • Pack everything and according to the requirement of the environment. You can check Mount Heavens Hampta Circle for more details.


Hampta Circle Trek is the best trek for beginners; this is the treks near Manali and the Short trek from Manali which is the best alternative for Hampta Pass Trek. In the article, we have described the Best time to do it and the Weather in Hampta Circle Trek.

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