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Hampta Pass Trek

Exploring the High Himalayan Pass and the panoramas from the peak of Hampta Pass are highlights of the expedition. The Kullu and Manali valleys border the semi-arid Lahaul region. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert hiker, this trail is for you.

The Hampta Pass is less demanding than some of its brothers, but it is still not an easy trek. The weather has made the Hampta Pass walk interesting and challenging at times. This is one of the country’s best short walks.

The Hampta Pass trek starts with a short ride from Manali to the trailhead in the lovely Manali Valley. Early in the ascent, we come across meadows populated by local shepherds. Camping in beautiful places is a lot of pleasure.

Itinerary in Detail

Day 1: Drive from Manali to Jobra

We go through a magnificent setting on our route to Jobra. We’ll start in mixed woodland with spruce and pine trees as we become used to the terrain. We pass a gorgeous field with a happy shepherd.

Without a shepherd bridge, we must cross the river somewhere. A magnificent field awaits us after crossing the river. Today’s journey will take around two and a half hours. After a little respite, take a walk down the nearby waterfall, which is home to many white-capped redstarts.

Day 2: Chika to Balu ka Ghera

It’s a fascinating day. We crossed a creek immediately after the campground and gained height, headed towards the river on the right. We will traverse the Boulder area during our journey, which has a waterfall, wildflower-filled grasslands, and a wide river that may need cautious handling.

With a few rests stops, this trek should only take approximately 6 hours total. This campground is surrounded by mountains and a network of water systems. The following day, we plan to ascend Hampta Pass from the campground. Tent camping is required for the duration of the trip.

Day 3: Balu Ka Ghera to Siagoru crossing Hampta Pass Trek

We’ll leave early today, depending on the weather and trail conditions. It may be necessary to walk over snow. We ascend the scary slopes from the camp to a ridge to get to the pass. The scenery is worth the 4-5 hour trek.

The Indrasana, Deo Tibba, and Lahaul ranges dominate the landscape. Leaner than the descent. Snow conditions may affect time. CAMPING OVERNIGHT.

Day 4: Siaguru to Chatru

Shea Goru is the commencement of a long descent. In the valley between the mountain ranges, the river still flows. This road will be just a few hundred yards away in an hour. The adjacent Lahaul mountains are dry with sporadic green areas. The drop becomes harder as you approach the road.

You’ll have to scale the cliff walls, then return to the river or glacier bed below by descending. Even though you’re well above the roadway, the Chandra river separates you. Massive glaciers flow into the Chandra River. Getting water to the campsite requires crossing these glaciers.

From Chhatru, drive to the lovely Chandratal. Then return to Chhatru campsite beside Chandrataal Lake. Landslides and snowfall might block Chandratal’s passage. We can’t get to Chandratal because of road restrictions. A night in a tent.

Day 5: Chatru to Manali (drive)

For hikers returning to Manali, transportation will be provided after breakfast at the Chhatru campground, which is about a 3-hour drive from Chhatru. You may stop for lunch at any point along the way (exclusive of trek cost). Trekkers will be able to plan their next steps once the group arrives in Manali.

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