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Pin Bhaba Pass trek

You have read quite a lot of amazing and eye-opening adventures. But wait, have you ever heeded about the pin BHABA PASS TREK? Maybe some among you might say yes and some might say no not that certainly. The Best PIN BHABA PASS TREK is probably the most stunning and incredible pass crossing journey in the land of peaks that is India.

Pin Bhaba Pass Trek

The PIN BHABA PASS TREK is tracked down in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. It is hardly any trek situated at such an enormous altitude. It is found at a length of 5,300 M that is (17, 388 ft.) above sea level. The trek starts from the kanfu (2,400M) in Kinnaur climbed up to 4,915 M and descended to a small village located at Spiti Mudh (3,810M).

The PIN BHABA pass trek falls under, the moderate to difficult level. It is the height of the destination that makes little difficult for the trekkers to carry out the trekking journey. May to September is considered to be the best month to admire the trek and is also suggested to have a prior trekking experience as the trek welcomes its guests with little climbing to and for.  The PIN BHABA pass trek opens your door to two different worlds that are prosperous and breathing bhaba valley in Kinnaur to the dry, resilient, and galactic pin valley in Spiti also the coldest desert in history. The trek takes you through multiple Altitudes and shows you with dense forest.

Journey Description for PIN BHABA Pass Trek

Day 1: Drive from Shimla to Kafnu

Total distance: 205km, 6 to 7 hours.

Altitude: Kafnu (8188ft).

Meals: Dinner Only.

Mode of Journey: 205km by Vehicle.

Accommodation: Homestay

The Pin Bhaba Pass trek starts from Kafnu, which 205 km far from famous tourist destination of Shimla. The journey from Shimla to Kafnu is scenic; you are driving with Bhaba River. The road is like zigzag, which has many turns on the way.

If your ride is booked with us then it is recommended to start early. We start our drive from Shimla by 7:00 am; our meeting time is 6:00 am for Shimla bus stand. Be on time or you have to go alone to Kafnu.

Today is only for drive to Kafnu, Which will take 7 hours to reach Kafnu. It will take 7 to 8 hours to reach Kafnu; you will be staying in Cosy Homestay for the night.

We will give you the briefing regarding trek, so you should know what to expect on the trek and be prepared yourself accordingly. The day ends with dinner, which will serve by 8:00 pm.

Have your dinner and ready for the next day…

Day 2: Trek from Kafnu to Mulling

Total distance: 10km, 5 to 6 hours.

Altitude: Mulling (10662ft).

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and, Dinner

Mode of Journey: 10km by Trek.

Accommodation: Tent

The real adventure begins from today; the most beautiful trek in Himalayas- Pin Bhaba Pass, as you hike its trail will unfold many surprises which will keep you pumped up with excitement.

The Pin Bhaba pass trek begins from the place name ‘Kafnu’. Initial 3 hours of the trek, while walking on motorable road in the vicinage of Janglik range, the sound of burbling Bhaba River will be a continuous source of energy. Throughout the trek, Bhaba River will keep you audacious and active. The motor able road will lead you to narrow path from where the actual trekking begins. The Bhaba River is along the way all day with you.

The trail is challenging today, as we gain 900m altitude. The trail is long and the terrain is steep. Total distance we covered by foot is 10km which is pretty long. Most important and the relaxing part of the trail is that, it’s not uphill all the time. Downhill path and the plain patches makes the day easy to hard. The adventure you are looking for is on the way. Keep your fingers crossed and cross the old hanging bridge which is made up of tree logs, the gushing Bhaba River flowing under the bridge that makes it more thrilling. When you will look down while crossing the bridge it feels like you are moving with the rushing water of the Bhaba River. So, keep your fear instincts calm, balance your mind-body and steps. Look in front and cross it. It’s simple…

After trekking for 2 hours we covered approx 400m of climb. When we trek from there around 3 km we will reach a point by 12:30 pm, where forest line is starting. Now you are trekking under the thick forest. After trekking for 2 hours from there we entered in an open grassland. From here you can see the Mulling Campsite.

You will reach Mulling campsite by 4:00 pm, Evening snacks with tea will be served by 5:00 pm. Souk the beauty of the campsite and ready to have yummy Dinner by 8:00 pm.

Be ready for the next day which will be an awesome day.

Day 3: Trek from Mulling to Kara

Total distance: 6.5km, 4 to 5 hours.

Altitude: Kara (11654ft).

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and, Dinner

Mode of Journey: 6.5km by foot.

Accommodation: Tent

We start our third day with Mount Heavens Yoga session, which we complete by 7:00 am. The day is comparatively easy so we start trek by 10:00 am. Breakfast is served by 9:00 am, It is advisable to pack your bag and leave your tent before breakfast.

The trail is easy; we have to trek along the stream. First 1 hour is complete strait walk. This will get you to dense forest area. After trekking for 15 mins you are out of the forest. The climb will initiate where you have to navigate through the boulders after crossing the stream, you will be on the other side of the mountain. The climb will initiate where you have to navigate through the boulders. Step on and in the boulders carefully. Tiptoe, tiptoe and cross the boulders row. While going through the boulders take a halt and look around the mesmerising scenic beauty. The changing sky colour, every bit of time. The wide carpet of yellow flower is all around. After making the way in between through the meadows, we reach campsite by 3:00 pm.

Evening snack is planned by 5:00 pm, and then spent some relaxing time around the campsite. Dinner will be served by 8:00 pm and the day 3 ends here.

Day 4: Trek from Kara to Phutsirang

Total distance: 4km, 5 to 6 hours.

Altitude: Phutsirang (13474ft).

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and, Dinner

Mode of Journey: 4 km by foot.

Accommodation: Tent

We follow the same Mount Heavens schedule, the day 4 starts with Yoga session. Breakfast is serving by 9:00 am. We leave for the next campsite by 10:00 am.

The trail is pretty hardcore adventurous today, because for two reasons. The first is a steep climb and the second is stream crossings on the way. So buck up our adventure seekers, it’s time for a thrilling experience. After starting the trek by 10:00 am, we trek between the meadows. Then we have to cross some icy cold water stream on the way. Teamwork is required while crossing the water stream; roll up your pants, listen to your guide, hold hand in hand, and cross-stream with the help of teammates. One, two, three you are crossing streams for 30mins.

After the water crossing session, the green grass landscape is all around. The meadows are wider and the colours is enriching. From here the 1.5 hours of steep incline will starts. In between many glacial section comes which you will cross. We reach at the campsite by 3:00 pm.

The evening snacks with hot tea are waiting for you. Chit-chat with your fellow trekkers and the day ends after the dinner.

Day 5: Trek from Phutsirang to Mangrungse via Bhaba Pass

Total distance: 12km, 10 to 11 hours.

Altitude: Mangrungse (13600ft).

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and, Dinner

Mode of Journey: 12 km by foot.

Accommodation: Tent

The Pass crossing day, its challenging, Snow covered, using Crampon, Mid-night climb and the thrilling decline from the pass.

Waoo….feeling thrilled.

Let’s begin Day 5: You have to get up by 2:00 am, be ready with night lamp and wear crampon. Breakfast by 2:30 am , we start our trek by 3:00 am.

Carry enough water in bottle with you. The night is colder so layer accordingly.

The trail is steep and the day is long, you will encounter snow also. Before the climb our trek leader will tell your sequence, where slowest person in front. Be in sequence so you will find the way with the fellow trekkers. This is the right technique for night climb.

The trail is to the Pass will go through the boulders which you have to cross with caution. After trekking uphill for 5 to 6 hours you will reach Bhaba Pass around 9:00 am. Do not forget to witness sun rise and the birds chirping on the way. Before reaching the Pass the climb is hard due to snow. So be ready for it.

When you are at Pin Bhaba Pass, The scenery of Pin Valley will blow your mind. You see a barren land of Spiti Valley and witness every shades of orange colour. Soak the beauty of Pin Bhaba Pass, click some pictures and ready for the decline to the next campsite. The decline from the pass will take 30 mins on snow.

From this point you are near the Bhaba River, you will see next campsite from there. After trekking for 2 hours you will reach at campsite.

Evening Snacks and dinner, the summit day completes.


Day 6: Trek from Mangrungse to Mudh, Drive to Kaza

Total distance: 17km, 7 to 8 hours.

Altitude: Mudh (12300ft).

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and, Dinner

Mode of Journey: 17 km by foot.

Accommodation: Not Included.

Day 6 Starts with Breakfast, which will be served by 8:00 am. The trail is long but straight. You will walk on a straight path. We get packed lunch today.

We encounter some old log bridges and the water stream along the way. After trekking for 40 mins you will see Mudh village. You have to cross some muddy patches and the 20 mins of steep climb, you will reach Mudh Village.

And here the Trek Ends.

If your package is booked to Kaza, then our taxi is ready to drop you at Kaza. You will reach Kaza by late evening.

Day 7: Buffer day, which will be used when required.

Note: If buffer day is used due to weather condition or any other circumstances, trekkers have to pay 1500/- cash to Trek Leader.

Day 8: Kaza to Manali Drive, paid by trekkers.

Kaza to Manali taxi charges is 2000/- per person, which will be paid by trekkers to Trek Leader or hire taxi by your own.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best month to visit pin BHABA PASS TREK?

July to September is considered to be the best month for undertaking the trek. Pin bhaba pass trek in monsoon hits something different that why it is also known as one of the best monsoon Trek.

What are the essential things to carry while trekking?

Trekking is one of the best and most loved adventures among youth nowadays but it has to be experienced with one’s own risk and strength.

  • Water bottle.
  • Hiking shoes
  • Gloves.
  • Lamp
  • Sleeping bag liner.
  • Warm clothes
  • Walking stick
  • Camera, batteries, memory card, and other stuff.
  • Medicine if required
  • Antibiotics
  • Band-Aids
  • Meals are being served during the trek?

Yes, the company or organization you undertake the trek with will be the sole authority to provide you with essential meals throughout the trek.

 What is the temperature at Pin BHABA PASS TREK?

The temperature during the day varies from 13 degrees Celsius to somewhere 18 degrees Celsius. And the temperature at the night falls To near about 7 degrees to 0 degrees.

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