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BRIGHU LAKE TREK Package 2022 Trekking in Manali

Brighu Lake Trek

The Brighu Lake Trek is the Best Short trek near Manali, which can be done by beginners or experienced trekkers as well. The Brighu lake is situated at an altitude of 14000ft, this trek can be done in 3 days from Gulaba.

Trekking in India as well as in the whole world is taking a new form. TODAY people are more joyous and thrilled while trekking and exploring different mountains and Plains. Himachal Pradesh has been crowned the status of being the holy State of worshipping where different monks, Rishi, and sadhu meditate to achieve their ultimate faith.

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Brighu Lake Trek in a Glance

The BRIGHU LAKE has the same significance as any Himalayan trek has. This lake trek is seen as the same place where the auspicious Saint MAHARISHI BRIGHU use to sit and meditate for several days to attain the ultimate karma. Due to this reason for MAHARISHI BHRIGU’S MEDITATION, this trek came to be Known as The BRIGHU LAKE TREK.

THE BRIGHU LAKE LIES IN HIMACHAL PRADESH which is around 20 km away from Manali. This lake is located at an altitude of 14,100 ft. Above sea level with eye-brightening sights. This short trek has more to offer to its viewer along with grasslands, meadows, Glacial views, and whatnot.

The trek is famous in itself for its beautiful weather and view. People trek for 4 days to have a view of the lake. The beautiful grasslands and the Meadows are visible as far as a human eye can see.  During the trekking journey that commences from Manali, you will witness the DHAULADHARS RANGES on your way to BHRIGU lake.

The temperature at such an altitude changes now and then. It is researched that the temperature in the daytime fluctuates between 13 degrees to 18 degrees, and at night temperatures fall to even 0 degrees. People are advised to carry all their required essentials, to save themselves from such a terrible cold breeze.

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The BHRIGU lake trek Complete Itinerary

  • DAY 1 ARRIVAL AT MANALI BASECAMP:  there are lots of options available for trekking to reach Manali be it by train, bus, or personal vehicle. Schedule your journey in such a way that you report at the Manali base camp at high have some good rest and be energetic for taking the trek in the early morning.
  • DAY 2 DRIVE FROM MANALI TO KULANG: getting up early in the morning and being able to enjoy and see the sunrise is the best start for the day. The day two trek starts from KULANG which takes around 45 minutes to reach the destination. After getting down to MORI Thach basecamp you will trek for another 4- 5 km. Trekkers are advised to be a little more attentive as the path becomes narrow and gets steeper in various areas. Now rest and get prepared for the next day.
  • DAY 3 TREK FROM MORI THACH TO BHRIGU LAKE: start trekking early in the morning fueling your body and heavy breakfast. This trek is going to be around 5 hours. Today’s trek is going to be the final trek to your destination. Here you are going to get a glimpse of the Himalayas. The beauty of the lake and its colorful shades are the best worth trekking. Enjoy the lake view and rest for a few hours and head back to the basecamp immediately.

Conclusion: Brighu Lake Trek is the best short trek near Manali. It is the easy trek in Manali, which can be done in 4 days. This trek can be chosen by a beginner or experienced trekker as well. If you want to know about the trek Please go to our trek page.

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