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Things to carry while trekking

20 Things to Carry While Trekking

20 Things to Carry while Trekking?

If you want to know the answer to this question, you are in right place.

You are going on a Trek; maybe it’s your first trek or season’s last trek. One thing is sure when you are going on a trek- excitement!

Am I right?

If you want to make your trek memorable instead of disaster, make sure you pack well. You already know that ‘Packing is Art’ and if I am not wrong, you should pack well if you are not want to become an artist (I will explain you later on about this).

If you pack right it will help you while you are trekking, so make sure you write down everything and make a checklist of things to carry for trekking.

Today I will explain to you the most important 20 Things to carry while trekking, which make your trek more comfortable yet enjoyable.

Let’s start folks!

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Checklist for Things to Carry while Trekking:

We as a company want to help our trekkers, with that thought we have made a Checklist for things to carry while trekking. In this checklist, we make sure to mention the Top 20 things to carry on a Trek.

This list helps you to carry the most usable items on a trek. As you all know, packing light on a trek is necessary as we have to carry our own stuff.

Trekking Shoe:

Trekking Shoe

Trekking Shoe is the most important thing to carry because saves our feet from injuries and gives protection. The right type of shoes will help us on the trek days.

Always carry good shoes which are waterproof or water replant, it should be ankle proof also. When you are trekking on a rocky trail it will support your ankle from injuries.

It is advisable to carry good and comfortable shoes on the trek. Try to buy shoes before 15 days and used to them before the trek. So you will feel comfortable in the shoes at the time of trekking.

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Backpack with Rain cover:

The backpack is the second most important thing to carry while trekking because you are carrying all your stuff by yourself. So you need a comfortable backpack for trekking. It is advisable to buy a 60-70 liter backpack. Check its straps and be used to it before trekking. When buying a backpack always buy with rain cover.

When you are in mountains, you don’t know when the rains come. So be prepared for it and cover your backpack with rain cover.

Walking Pole or Walking Stick:

Walking Poles help us to walk faster and smoother. As you know when we are trekking we have to walk on up or down, at that time walking pole helps our body to be in balance. That is why trekking with walking poles is a must.

Always buy a good quality of walking poles which is shockproof, that will help your feet and body.

A jacket or windproof jacket:

When you are on a trek you need a good quality windproof jacket, which protects you from winds. In the mountains, evenings and nights are always cold. So you need a good jacket while trekking.

Pro Tip: Never wear a windproof jacket while sleeping in a sleeping bag, you will feel cold in a sleeping bag. Always use thermals at the time of sleeping.

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When you are on a trek, always carry thermals instead of carrying extra jackets. Thermals give you more warmth and they take little space as well.

Always carry 2 pairs of thermals if you are on a summer trek, in winter treks carry 4 pairs.


When you are trekking in mountains, crossing rivers you need pair of socks with you which help your feet to warm. It is advisable to carry 4 pairs of socks. Don’t carry cotton socks they will take more time to dry instead of trekking shocks.

Head Cap/ Sun Cap:

Head Caps or Sun Caps protect your head from winds and sunlight. Always carry a good quality head cap which covers your neck also. Always carry a lightweight head cap.

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Head Torch:

When you are on a trek, you should always carry a head torch with an extra battery, it will help you in the nighttime. In the mountains when the sun sets you need a good quality head torch at the night to go for little things.

Water Bottle:

It is necessary to be hydrated during the trek, because of the hike and the long days, you need a good bottle or thermos to carry water. It is advisable to carry a good quality 1-liter water bottle with you.


Some of the most important things to be carried in toiletries would be Toilet paper role, moisturizer, Suns cream, Lip balm, face wash, lightweight towel with napkins, and hand sanitizer. Carry some extra zip lock bags also.


It is a good choice to carry our own cutlery while you are on a trek. The basic things like a cup; a plate with a spoon is all you must carry.

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Personal Medical Kit:

You should carry a personal medical kit, which has the medicines prescribed by a doctor only for you. Make the list of that medicines before packing and pack after the checking of all.

Day Bag:

If you hired a porter for your Backpack, always carry a day bag with you. In the day bag keep a water bottle, some snacks, a medical kit, and some extra clothes.


While you are trekking always carries some snacks like a snack bar, chocolates, or dry fruits with some fruity, etc.

Trek Pants:

Clothing is the most important thing to carry while you are on a trek. So carry a pair of trek pants. It should be lightweight and of good quality and should dry early.


It will be good for you if you carry a poncho with you, it will cover your bag and you from the rain. Ponchos should be lightweight and easy to carry.

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Sun Glasses:

Always carry sunglasses while you are on a trek, this will protect your eyes from sunlight.

Tent Light:

In the nighttime, you need a good quality tent light, which is easy to handle and lightweight.

Personal Documents:

Personal documents are a must when you are going for a trek, there are some documents you need to carry with you:

  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter Card
  • Driving License
  • Medical certificate
  • Insurance Card

Big Zip Bags:

Always pack your things in a zip bag; it will give an extra layer of protection. If the rain falls at the time of the trek, this will help your cloth to be dry.


In this article, we explain the 20 things to carry while trekking, which will help you on a trek. If you find this article and the information is given, please share it with your loved ones.

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